Purpose and area of use haccp small

Main purpose of HACCP system is to assure food health safety and quality. With this system of rules, it's trying to identify hazards which can occur in any phase of production, treatment, food preparation, transport and distribution. Next to that is risk estimation and determination of places where is possible to apply efective control directions. This means that control directions are directing to those operations and actions which are key for security of harmless foodstuffs. HACCP is documented procedure which identifies hazards, performs preventive measures, establishes control on critical control points and applies correctives measures. American program of space researching has developed a system of health food safety called HACCP. World Health Organisation and International Board for microbiologic food specification has continued development of primary system which nowadays become international accepted method, described in Codex Alimentarius 1993 – Operating instructions for using HACCP system, which is included in legislation of SAD and European community. European community has issued obligation of HACCP system according to num.93/43 EEC. Directives.

In Croatia, HACCP system is required for all producers of animal origin food.
Soon in accordance with food law legislation, HACCP system will be obligated for all participants in food chain – «from field to table».
HACCP system assures that transportation process of liquid food and liquid raw material for food production is performed continuously in consistant way, on planned and established manner, established order and under planned and supervised conditions using the HACCP principes desribed in Codex Alimentarius and Directives num.93/43 EEC, and it's used in SEIFERT & BOGOLIN company.


Advantages and benefits

Successful usage of HACCP system results with this advantages and benefits:

- control is moved from subsequent to preventive quality and security control
- stimulates education and consciousness about food security and prevention of diseases
- increased confidence about product health
- documented evidences of control process
- evidences about accordance with specifications, practice codex and laws
- alleviation and possibility of commercial appearance inside and outside the European
- predictability and prevention
- economic control of danger from incorrect food
- mistakes prevention methodology in food health safety management, which can be crucial in existence of the company
- eam work gives big effect in total system of quality
- consumers and users satisfaction increases